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Ongoing upcoming events and shows – “1000 Kisses”, a selection of Yehoram Gaon’s favorite love songs and love stories in between the songs. and “As The Day I Was Born”, old favorites and new songs from the new disk.

You will find here all what’s new in Yehoram Gaon’s activities in shows, radio programs, movies and theater


Additional shows: Adoni Sar HaOtzar, comedy

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…”…”YOU CAN take the man out of Jerusalem, but you can’t take Jerusalem out of the man. Born and raised in the capital, singer, actor, current affairs commentator and philanthropist Yehoram Gaon, who for a decade served on the Jerusalem City Council where he held the Culture Portfolio, often mentions the Holy City and his childhood there on his Reshet Bet radio program.

He did so again last Friday, when his varied subject matter included the newly opened Cinema City.

Gaon, who had been there earlier in the week, recalled his days at Jerusalem’s legendary Edison Theater, where as a child he and nine of his friends used to con ushers into letting them in for free – with each boy saying that the last boy, who was the 10th, had the tickets. Meanwhile, the last boy would disappear, and the nine rascals were already inside the darkened theater, where the ushers for whatever reason did not bother to track them down.”… The Jerusalem Post.