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Media and Newspapers reviews Yehoram Gaon is one of the Israeli entertainer most mentioned in the online media and newspapers, as well as internationally.

…”You can take the man out of Jerusalem, but you can’t take Jerusalem out of the man. Born and raised in the capital, singer, actor, current affairs commentator and philanthropist Yehoram Gaon, who for a decade served on the Jerusalem City Council where he held the Culture Portfolio, often mentions the Holy City and his childhood there on his Reshet Bet radio program.

He did so again last Friday, when his varied subject matter included the newly opened Cinema City. Gaon, who had been there earlier in the week, recalled his days at Jerusalem’s legendary Edison Theater, where as aYehoram Gaon - Have no yet said enough child he and nine of his friends used to con ushers into letting them in for free – with each boy saying that the last boy, who was the 10th, had the tickets. Meanwhile, the last boy would disappear, and the nine rascals were already inside the darkened theater, where the ushers for whatever reason did not bother to track them down.  Some 60 years after the fact, Gaon publicly apologized on radio to the manager of the Edison. Better late than never. Gaon also apologized for dirtying the seats. In those days, Jerusalem youngsters put a sheen on their shoes with the lid of a leben carton, and when they put their feet up on the theater’s plush upholstery, they often left a stain.” – The Jerusalem Post – Mar. 04, 2014 www.jpost.com

JCC of Manhattan’s Israel Film Festival
Topol and Yehoram Gaon and me. Our film reviewer meets two legends of Israeli cinema

2014-NYC-israeli-film-award… “at the opening of the JCC of Manhattan’s Israel Film Festival, Yehoram Gaon was honored for lifetime achievement in Israeli cinema. The renowned vocalist has acted in many Israeli movies, and he has produced musical film documentaries that have warmed the hearts of Israelis and Jews across the world these last 40 years. After being introduced by Academy-Award nominated director Joseph Cedar, the 74 year-old Mr. Gaon told the audience that the occasion truly was special. In Israel, he said, artists generally are recognized only when they are being eulogized.” – Read more: NYC Israeli Film Festival Prize- June 20,2014



OPERATION SUNFLOWEROperation Sunflower movie

… ” A new Israeli movie, Operation Sunflower, speculates about this plucky little country’s attempt to develop an atomic bomb in the 1960s. The movie, starring the legendary singer Yehoram Gaon as the head of Israel’s secret services, beautifully recreates the texture of a simpler, primitive, romantic time, emphasizing the chutzpah involved in believing that tiny Israel could attempt what only the biggest superpowers could accomplish.” – Read more: Jpost Feb. 26, 2014