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Most popular TV series, starring Yehoram Gaon

Yehoram Gaon excels in some of the most popular TV series such as  the hit series “krovim krovim” 1983-1986, where he plays an Hypochondriac husband who constantly complains about his imaginary illnesses. The ongoing, the family comedy Savri-Maranan, proceeds by a drama series Urim Ve Tumim, about murder in a Yeshiva school, as well as his most popular educational children program Little Geniuses started in 2009 and ongoing, Music School 2011-13, A popular music singing competition for school kids, in the style of The Voice, the winner gets a full year scholarship at the Music Academy. Yehoram Gaon is one of the judges, who also perform with their students. Nevelot – 2010, A 5 parts TV movie, which handles the problem of getting older in Israel and the attitude of the new generation towards the elderly. 2 elderly men decided to take the law into their own hands and revenge the new hostile generation.  No body suspects them, as if they were “invisible” , and more…  Yehoram proves again and again that he is much the professional actor as well as a singer.

Complete List of TV Series
2014 – Good point
2012-2013 – The Music School
2011 – Urim and Tummim
2011  – Savri, Maranan (on going)
2010 – Nevelot (Corps)
2009 – Daddy’s Geniuses
2008 – They Deserve Too
2007 – The Next Big Thing
2006 – Close to Mother
2005 – Good Evening Israel
2005 – The Shirothrom
2003-2005 – Friday with Gaon
2002 – Gaon and Michaeli
2001 – Who’s Mother’s Genius
1998 – Resurrection (Presentor)
1997 – Detective in Jerusalem
1996  – Half the Menashe Tribe (Guest Star)
1996 – Mr. Mani
1982-1986 – Krovim krovim
1982 – Mei Marom
1976 – By the Cradle of Cinema,
2003 – 2005, 2007, 2009-2010 – Israel’s Independence Day shows on TV (Host and singer)