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Yehoram Gaon, Theater shows, singer and Performer

One of the most active showman in Israel, a full life achievements on stage both in the theater and many one-man shows, performing all over Israel, and the USA (Incl. Carnegie Hall). His first hit was the musical shows KAZABLAN, premiered in Sept. 1954 at the Kameri Theater.which made him an international star, The musical, played successfully in Israel 606 times, produced by Giora Godic. The main role of KAZABLAN played by Yehoram Gaon, which with the years became identified with the role.
Yehoram Gaon’s record  show at the Hayarkon park with quarter of a million enthusiastic audience, and all his shows are sold out way in advance. Presenting each year a new collection of songs written by the best of Israel’s poets and musicians.

Complete list of Theater and Shows in Israel
2014-15  – A thousand kisses (Ongoing Show)
2013-15  – As The Day I Was Born – (Ongoing Show)
2012 – The Visit (Theatre)
2010 – Grandpa Eliezer and the Carrot (Children Theatre)
2008  – Respectfully Yours (Show)
2006 – Like a Movie (Theatre)
1992-1993 – Israel Waits for Gaon (Show)
1987 – A thousand kisses (Show)
1984  – Middle of the Road
1982  – God’s Step Children – (Theatre)
1979  – Gaon 79 –  (Show)
1978  – Hymns – Holy and Chanting Ladino
1976  – Once a Year (Theatre)
1977  – Gaon 77 – (Show)
1973  – Mediterranean Love
1971 – One Man Show (Show)
1969 – Spanish Romansro (live)
1966  – Kazablan (Theatre)
1964 – Gesher HaYarkon Trio
1961-1964 – Kinnereth Kinnereth, Tora, Witzeck, Fries and Other – The Kameri Theatre
1961 – The Roosters
1957-1960 – The Nahal band