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Yehoram Gaon complete list of movies

Movies Gaon participated in as main character, some as a guest star, also written and produced 3 of the movies, (I am From Jerusalem, From Toledo to Jerusalem (1989), bringing to life the old Sephardic Jews tradition, and No Longer Yerushalmi). The most significant movie that brought Gaon to stardom was Kazablan, (1973), produced by Menachem Golan after the very successful theater show.  This movie became a prototype of Israel’s population, and was a grand success.

MOVIES (In chronological order)

2014 – Operation Sunflower
2009 – No longer Yerushalmi
2004 – The Tribe’s Campfire (Guest Star)
1986 – The lover
1982 – Dead End Street
1977 – Operation Entebbe
1976 – Joker
1973 – Kazablan
1971  – I am From Jerusalem
1970  – The big break
1969  – The Siege
1968 – Every Bastard a King
1964 – Dahlia and the Sailors
1959 – Small Correction

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