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singer, performer, entertainer, actor and writer Gaon is considered one of the major prominent of the Israeli culture and entertainment worlds. As Israel’s all time most popular singer, gifted actor, TV and radio host, writer, poet and publicist, Gaon has a long list of performances on stage and screen in both movies and on TV. He has produced and directed plays and movies and written and edited books on Israeli culture and tradition.

From the movie KazablanIn the Movies section you will find A summary and video clips from movies Yehoram Gaon participated in, mostly in the main roles. some of which he himself produced and wrote.

Krovim Krovim TV seriesYehoram Performed in many popular TV series, TV hosing of his own programs as well as public TV shows, His own children TV series “Gaon Shel Aba” became one of the most popular children programs for many years.

Yehoram gaon on stage

Gaon has his own shows and orchestra, performing all over Israel, and played the main role in several Theater shows, Voice over for movies,and TV documentary programs.