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For bookings and information

5 – 5 Productions, Tel: +972-50-753-5599

Email: tikva_moallem@walla.co.il

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 Fistuk-Omanim (Only for Elef Neshikot show)

Mobile:  +972.3-566.5757
Email:  maya@fistukartists.co.il

Yehoram Gaon in "As The Day I Was Born" 2014

“… “at the opening of the JCC of Manhattan’s Israel Film Festival, Yehoram Gaon was honored for lifetime achievement in Israeli cinema. The renowned vocalist has acted in many Israeli movies, and he has produced musical film documentaries that have warmed the hearts of Israelis and Jews across the world these last 40 years. After being introduced by Academy-Award nominated director Joseph Cedar, the 74 year-old Mr. Gaon told the audience that the occasion truly was special. In Israel, he said, artists generally are recognized only when they are being eulogized.” – Read more: NYC Israeli Film Festival Prize- June 20,2014