yg08_transpYehoram Gaon

Yehoram Gaon: Singer, performer, entertainer, actor and writer is considered one of the major prominent of the Israeli culture and entertainment worlds. As Israel’s all time most popular singer, gifted actor, TV and radio host, writer, poet and publicist, Gaon has a long list of performances on stage and screen in both movies and on TV. He has produced and directed plays and movies and written and edited books on Israeli culture and tradition.

Yehoram Gaon was awarded the prestigious Israel Prize for his contribution to Culture and Hebrew Song. While still active in the entertainment business, Gaon served eight years as a member of the Jerusalem Municipal Council until 2002. He held the Portfolio for the Cultural Affairs and Special Educational Needs. 

Yehoram Gaon is actively involved in civic affairs, serving as an active member of various NGO’s such as the Committee for the Advancement of Ladino, Yad Ben-Zvi Fund for Diaspora Research, Adopt a Soldier Fund, The Association for Soldiers Welfare, The Association for Autistic Children, The Fund for Music Therapy and The Academy For the Hebrew Language. Winner of the Israeli Cultural prize 2014, Honorary prize for best Ladino actor and producer in Los Angeles 2014 and NYC Israeli Film Award 2014. (See more in the Biography section)